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Sep. 17th, 2013



Moving Sale!

I haven't posted in a while, though I've still been making things. I'm also moving to Stockholm, Sweden to be with my boo! I'm having a moving sale to help facilitate the process because boy howdy do I have a lot of STUFF.

If you are holiday shopping for someone who likes science or math, my shop is just the thing. I have pi and Avogadro's number and root 2 and more in my jewelry; my pieces are seriously one of a kind! Just three samples:

physics bracelet jewelry Planck Newton light gravity
Physics multi-strand bracelet with Planck's constant,
speed of light (in a vacuum), and the Newtonian constant of gravity.

pi bracelet jewelry silver
Pi bracelet in labradorite and sterling silver.

green frog electron quantum physics copper
Electron radius in green aventurine, glass, mother of pearl, and copper.
(Inspired by the world's tiniest vertebrate!)

If you want more information about how, exactly, my jewelry contains numbers, please see this explanation on my jewelry blog. Or ask in the comments!

You can use the coupon code SWEDEN for free shipping or (special to you LJ folk) ELLJAY for 15% off. (Apologies if you see this more than once! I'm trying to space things out.)

Thanks and many sales to all of you!!

Jun. 29th, 2013



Three new original ACEOs

I was unstoppable this morning and made three new ACEOs for the ACEO Challenge! They are also for sale on Etsy, from $5-10 plus shipping. They can also be made as prints upon request.

Sep. 3rd, 2013



Hello from your new (interim?) owner!

Hello there! Last night, after not being able to post anything, I noticed that the account of our only maintainer/moderator had been purged & deleted; so I sent a request to the LJ Help Desk since I wasn't able to post here, to find out what to do. This morning I woke up and found myself the new owner of the group! o.O

Since I am not 100% sure that I can maintain a community with everything else I have going on right now, I was hoping that there might be other members in the group who would be willing to step in and take over ownership. Please let me know!

Meanwhile, I'll try to clear out the queue so people can post and do anything else that needs doing... Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns and I'll try to help!

Jun. 3rd, 2013


New for the summer!

New, adorable little crocheted things :D

Nov. 8th, 2012


(no subject)

Oct. 26th, 2012


(no subject)

Not pictured: Infinity Scarves!
There's NOTHING in my shop that is over $10 with shipping! Just click on the picture!

Oct. 11th, 2012



New from Faerie Gardens!

There's a ton of new pendants and more at Faerie Garden Fancies!

And there's still time to get these great Halloween pendants in time for the holiday!

AND they're $2 less than usual! \^o^/

Visit Faerie Garden Fancies now and find *your* magic!

Sep. 7th, 2012



(no subject)

Sep. 3rd, 2012


Quotation Jewelry By Well Worn Words

Well Worn Words

Language is Wine Upon the Lips - Virginia Wolf

An amazing range of music, film and book inspired jewelry for anyone that wants to wear their heart on their sleeve.
thinking who


Labor Day Sale!

Get 30% off everything in the shop with code: LABORDAY30

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